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Qdoba Catering

Qdoba Catering

Fresh, delicious and perfect for business or personal occasions. Serve as few as ten people or more than a hundred with our hot bars. Setting up is a snap and each Hot Bar comes with everything you'll need - napkins, utensils, even desserts and chafing dishes that keep the hot stuff hot. We'll do all the hard work, and you'll get all the credit.

The innovative ingredients in our Hot Bars provide everything you'll need, so everyone can find their own perfect combinations, all freshly prepared and exactly how they want it.

Hot Barmore_vert

Qdoba Hot Bars provide everything you’ll need so everyone can find their perfect combinations. They are a buffet-style arrangement including marinated grilled chicken, steak, or smoked brisket.

people Serves: 10 - 100+

Chips & Salsamore_vert

Our handmade tortilla chips are made daily with a splash of lime and kosher salt. Pick between the 4 various salsas.

people Serves: 10 - 100+

A La Cartemore_vert

Make your catering order even more delicious by adding on extra vegetables, drinks, desserts, or our signature 3-Cheese queso.



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Business Meetings

If you’re looking for a hassle-free meal option to serve at your next function, look no further than Qdoba catering! With generous portions, needed utensils and dishes, and a delivery option that includes set up, any one of our catered hot bars eliminates the guesswork. It’s a fantastic way to keep your meeting on track and the creative juices flowing.

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Sporting Events

You’ll be sure to bring home the win with a flavorful meal, including drinks and dessert! From boxed lunches on the bus to buffet-style meals at the awards’ banquet, Qdoba catering has you and your team covered!

End of the season Banquet? Our buffet style bars are a wonderful option for the team and their families. We also have formal wares available for your event.

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Company Picnics

What better way to show appreciation and boost morale than with a company picnic! While you work to build a stronger team, we’ll build the perfect catering bar that delivers a delicious meal to celebrate.

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Graduation Party

Graduation parties tend to be less about food and more about celebrating a milestone. Show how much you know by opting for Qdoba’s Hot Nacho Bar or Chips & Salsa Bar as a complement to the festivities! Congratulations!

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Birthday Party

When you add a Qdoba catered hot bar to your birthday plan, you can have your cake and eat it, too! No matter the age or size of your group, our buffet-style bar will satisfy any appetite. Just be sure to leave room for dessert!

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From an intimate gathering to a grand celebration, Qdoba catering can accommodate your rehearsal or wedding dinner needs; vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available. We’ll even take care of delivery and set up!